It is an industry standard practice for equipment manufacturers to provide
you with a 90 day parts warranty on any new system you purchase.

However, the labor portion of the warranty typically comes from the company you choose to purchase the equipment from.

This labor warranty generally does not exist on new systems and is only 30 days in length on repairs.

While extended warranties may be available from your dealer, we do not
feel the industry standard labor warranty is long enough given the

Because of this, we give you a full 1-year standard labor warranty on all of our new equipment installations. There is no separate expense to you.

The reason we offer this extended labor warranty standard on our new installs is twofold:

If your new equipment should have a part failure during the warranty period, dealers will charge you for the labor to perform the repair.
Most people agree - being charged to fix their nearly new equipment is not very reasonable. Being consumers ourselves, we understand how you feel.

Secondly, we have chosen to assume a greater financial risk by offering an extended labor warranty. We believe this communicates to our customers the confidence we have in both the quality of the equipment we sell and in the quality of work we perform.

Our shop is open 8:30am to 3:00pm, Monday through Friday

Here are the rates:

Minimum Bench Fee - $ 59.50 (troubleshooting, applied to repair or replacement)

Standard labor - $ 85.00 / hour

(Same day or next day rush service is available for additional charge)

Remote Support - $ 1.70 / min (first 10 minutes at no charge)

Minimum on-site charge - $ 63.75

Mileage (over 25 miles total) - $ 0.92 / mile

Data Recovery - $ 85.00 / hour plus cost of media

Disaster Recovery - $ 625.00 / hour plus cost of media
(Disaster Recovery charges are due immediately, non-refundable and
cannot be charged to your account.)

After Hours Support
(One hour minimum except Remote Support
Mileage charges apply)

After Hours - Weekday 3pm-7pm - $ 127.50 / hour

After Hours - Weekday 7pm-8am - $ 170.00 / hour

Saturday - $ 255.00 / hour

Sunday - $ 340.00 / hour

Remote Support (all After Hours Remote Support) - $ 5.50 / min

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